segunda-feira, 22 de junho de 2009


Taking a trip to the unknown
I'm surrounded by the trees
I can't count only on my own
The mind think, the eye sees

I am lost in my memories

Old school we trust in maps
And the words people shout
Carefully taking the steps
What am I talking about?

I am an old daydreamer

I am trapped in a rusty cage
I can see through the bars
It does not matter the age
When we both reach the stars

I am high on the mountain

I'm waving to the queen
A refined bow of respect
How can I know what I mean
If I can't conclude my act?

I am draining the lakes

Reviving all the good times
Life goes on fast as before
I will seat and write the rhymes
That we are both waiting for

I am just dying inside

Back to the windy beach
I left searching new lands
The top I easily could reach
Was the touch of our hands

I am down in the sea

I was high on the mountain
Now I am down in the sea
I slowly can feel the pain
Now there's a face I can't see

I was an old daydreamer
Now I am just dying inside
My mind is like a beamer
Projecting my funny suicide

I was lost in memories
Now I am draining the lakes
Keep flying with the fairies
Who knows when it awakes?

High on the mountain...


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