terça-feira, 1 de outubro de 2013


I don't know why...
I don't know why...
Why do I realize?
I don't know why!
One day I will know.
One day I'll show.
One day I'll go!
To the mountains and fly,
to the rivers and cry,
to the end but why?
Why if I realize
that was a bunch of lies
flying around!
I love butterflies
but I can't leave the ground!
I love flowers
when they bloom,
I hate the hours
when you gloom...
And then I realize
I was seeking lies,
I was seeking disease,
feeling the sea breeze,
feeling the sea cold
and no one to hold!
I don't know why!
Tell me, please, why!
If I do realize
these are not lies!
I see the shore
and what for
if the way is so away...
I want to stay...
I want to stay...
I want to say
that I want to stay...
Not only today
but every day!
If all these were lies
let me realize
that I must live a dream
and catch the sunbeam
and hold you so tight...
And if I was not right?
I will tell the same old story
and one day I'll reach the glory
of the days of sunrise!
That's why I realize
that nothing were lies
but just if I could know why...

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