sexta-feira, 15 de junho de 2012

The place we came from is the place we are going to

We all must live day by day until we die and then we are killed by the boredom we are trapped in, under ice, over dust, you must know what is the best for you until we cry and then we are going to the grave and we can't behave the same way we used to do because it's so not cool when you prefer to lie and wai until the worms come and eat the flesh, slowly, till the bone, and suck the marrow, like and arrow pointed to the heart of lovers until they find how much can love betray and until the day they are reborn and then all the happiness is so fake because they know their fate, just miss the rate they will be decomposed, feeding others, until the soul is also food and fuck man, this is a waste of time... Pain! In the back! Until you come back to the place you were born, the hole, the whole, the womb, the tomb, the dark, the unknown, the place, the place, the place we came from...

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