sexta-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2010

Black Bra

You know we just can't go back
My guitar is white just like you
Like your bra my guitar is black
We know what we are supposed to do

Why we love this colour black?
Are we afraid of that we lack?
And by the way what's your side?
We can find a way to one last ride!

Why can't we go back in time?
There is so much still undone
I miss it and it is not a crime
'cause it's so deeper than fun

Beyond your bra, what we hide?
Better than act is let it slide
There's no fear stronger than will
There's no reason stronger than fell

If you just wanna be my guitar
I just wanna grab you and play
But it has been dificult so far
'cause I just can't tune you today


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