quarta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2010

Thank You mary!

I remember, once upon a time,
Of happiness in every rhyme
Until the day I read the word
It turned me against the world

A passionate dream became a nightmare
And then I realized life is not fair

I listened to a song that made me live
I made a long way in order to forgive
I knew the bodies of another passion
And survived unscarred a depression

I'm a so much better person today
One day I'll find you again and say:
Thank you mary!

I won't try to know where you are
Curiosity kills and I won't go so far
But I believe that my crazy fate
Will join us in an unexpected date

Will flowers bloom or clouds cry?
Will you believe me or think I lie?

You can be sure that I'll smile
'cause everything was worth while
Thank you mary for your bless
From loss arises greatness!


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