quarta-feira, 26 de maio de 2010

You When I But When There're We Sometimes I Forget Everything!

Mas antes de ir trabalhar...

You know that I love to play my guitar
But hey!, it has never kissed me so far!

When I wake up each morning it doesn't talk
And it never holds my hand when we walk!

I like to listen to music, and I like it a lot,
But even then you're the one I never forgot!

But never say never because no one can tell
If the devil is great unless it goes to Hell!

When you ask me, so politely, to behave,
It makes me smile like a freed master's slave!

There're no masters like me and no devils like you
We should slave each other in our unique true!

We don't hide what we both know that is happening,
We are just making an undercover happy living!

Sometimes I'm confused and I'd like to know
If I can also be fast and if you can also be slow!

I know but if you don't know your own importance
Then I'll have to show you in our next dance!

Forget that thoughts that make us hesitate:
Let the bodies flow, let's dance, I can('t) wait!

Evertyhting can be so perfect when we connect!
The rest of the time we can just simply act!


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